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Do You Have a Bench Warrant or Arrest Warrant In LA County?

If you have a violation of your San Fernando Valley or LA probation, you aren't alone. Many people face similar situations each year.

Some cases involve time management issues, such as not finishing community service or counseling classes on time because of work & family obligations.

Other violations occur because of a missed court date. Some involve new violations.

While all of the above can be serious, there may still be effective options.

So who do you contact for help? Your answer is George Kita.

Mr. Kita is a former prosecutor and experienced defense attorney. He has handled many cases as a San Fernando & Van Nuys Probation Violation Attorney.

He understands that life presents many challenges for clients, and he works tirelessly to determine what options may be available to help guide them in a better direction, as you can read at: Probation Violation Attorney.

Mr. Kita carefully reviews probation orders for each client, evaluates the approaches which make the most sense, and provides guidance throughout the court process.

His unique background of prosecution and defense, provides him insight into which options may give judges reason to consider giving his clients second chances on probation.

If you have a probation violation case, see what options may be available to you. Call now, at 818-775-9000, to see how he can help you!

Have You Violated Your Probation?

If you were convicted of a misdemeanor or felony violation in the San Fernando Valley, you were likely placed on probation. Essentially, probation is a conditional sentence allowing you a second chance. Without probation, you would likely be facing substantial jail time.

In every probation case, there are court orders to complete certain conditions, as well as to obey all laws.

These terms can include meeting with a probation officer on a regular basis, attending court ordered counseling, wearing electronic monitoring devices, and/or refraining from future criminal activities.

If any terms of probation are violated, you can be accused of a probation violation, which could result in incarceration. 

The District Attorney, City Prosecutor, probation officer, or judge can allege a probation violation in court, and request that bail be set. When a probation violation is alleged, the accused person must promptly appear in court, to answer for the allegation.

At a probation violation hearing, the judge will review the court orders, as well as the alleged violations of probation. The judge takes into consideration the extent of the violation, as well as related information.

Minor violations may be addressed with less serious punishment, depending on the terms of probation. However, commission of a new criminal offense will generally result in significant jail time.

San Fernando Valley Probation Violations

George Kita has helped many clients accused of violating their probation. He works tirelessly for his clients, evaluating their best options and strategies. He provides substantial guidance, resources, and effective representation.

If you are accused of a Los Angeles probation violation, explore our website at Los Angeles Probation Violation Attorney. You can also learn about shortening the time-frame at Early Termination of Probation Los Angeles.

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*Probation solutions always depend on the specific details of each case.