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Do You Have a Bench Warrant or Arrest Warrant In LA County?

So, your court date is near, and you haven't completed your terms. Maybe you ran short of time, or had family obligations. Maybe the Cal Trans or Counseling Program was difficult to manage with the rest of your schedule.

What are your options at this point? 

While not completing your court-ordered requirements on time may be grounds for additional penalties, including jail, there may be approaches which can direct you back in the right direction.

So, what is the next step? Your next step is to contact George Kita to learn your options. 

He has handled 100s of cases as a deputy district attorney and defense attorney, where people came up short on their court requirements.

While missing a deadline of any type can result in a probation violation, Mr. Kita focuses the judges on the compelling reasons which caused the violations.

Although some explanations may not be considered "legal" excuses for non-compliance, there are many situations where judges will give second chances to complete the probation terms, without adding additional punishment.

If you have failed to comply with your court terms, call to see what he can do to help you, at 213-400-5355!

What happens if you don't complete your probation terms?

You can be charged with "Failure to Comply" if you do not complete your community service, report for drug testing, or fail to obey any term of probation. When you fail to complete terms and then fail to appear in court, a bench warrant can be issued for your arrest.

Don’t take a chance on your future. If you have not completed the terms of your probation or have failed to return to court, there is help available. Attorney George Kita has handled 100s of cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney, and has developed effective court strategies.

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*Outcomes in failure to comply cases are dependent on specific facts and law