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Do You Have a Bench Warrant or Arrest Warrant In LA County?

If you have an LA or San Fernando Valley bench warrant, it's time to resolve it, now!

Don't let that bench warrant hold you back. If you are seeking a new job, or are tired of looking over your shoulder for fear of being arrested, now is the time to clear your record, go into court, and move forward in a positive way.

Because of the complexities, you need attorney representation, and a solid plan.

George Kita uses a step-by-step approach to help each client through the process, through careful preparation, & quickly sets the case to be cleared in court.

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What is a Bench Warrant?

What exactly is a Bench Warrant? It is an order issued by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge or other bench officer, to arrest a person.

The purpose of a bench warrant is to promptly bring a person before the judge. Once it is issued, police have the right to make an arrest.

As you would expect, each bench warrant is unique, and case results depend on the specific circumstances.

A bench warrant is typically issued when a person fails to appear in court for a criminal case. Bench warrants may also be issued for infraction violations, such as traffic tickets.

When a person is arrested on a bench warrant, he or she is usually held in custody until bail can be posted or the case is heard in court.

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LA & San Fernando Valley Bench Warrant

If you have failed to appear in court as ordered, it is likely that you have a bench warrant. If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, time can be of the essence in effectively resolving it.

In many instances, the sooner you return to court, the more likely it is that your lawyer can effectively handle your situation. As time goes by, judges have a tendency to consider more substantial punishment.

If you have a bench warrant, you need prompt help. George Kita works tirelessly helping clients resolve their warrants in LA and the San Fernando Valley area courts.

He makes substantial efforts looking for ways to walk a client in and out of the courtroom the same day, without the court remanding his clients into custody.

A bench warrant can lead to disruptive, stressful consequences for you and your family. By working with bench warrant defense attorney George Kita, you can take control of your life and solve your matter once and for all.

Bench Warrant Attorney Defense 

George Kita has helped many clients with bench and arrest warrants. You can learn more about his strategies at: San Fernando Valley Bench Warrant Attorney.

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