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Do You Have a Bench Warrant or Arrest Warrant In LA County?

During the course of his criminal law career, George Kita has worked on 100s of cases involving bench warrants, arrest warrants, failure to appear in court (FTA), as well as probation violations (such as failure to return to court, failure to complete community service or Cal Trans work, and failure to pay court fines).

His extensive knowledge in these areas of law was developed over the course of 20+ years in criminal law.

This unique knowledge of the criminal justice system offers you the opportunity to understand the most effective approaches to deal with your particular situation.

Mr. Kita takes the time to understand the specific circumstances and needs of each client, and presents the best solutions tailored to meet client goals.

This personal attention allows him to focus on developing successful resolutions which can provide closure in criminal cases, as well as allow clients to move forward in their lives in a positive direction.

Mr. Kita has an intricate understanding of the many methods of resolving bench warrants, arrest warrants, probation violations, as well related charges mentioned above. He has developed successful methods to convince courts to recall warrants, and has often been able to convince judges to place clients on their “own recognizance,” without having to post bail.

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*Client case results depend on specific circumstances and applicable law.