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Failure to Pay Fine

What happens if you fail to pay the fine in your criminal case? If you have been convicted in a criminal case, it's likely you have been ordered to pay substantial fines and fees. It is extremely important to pay them as ordered; failure to pay can result in a warrant, jail time, probation violation, and/or driver's license suspension.

If you have failed to pay your fine by the court deadline, and have not received an extension, this may also qualify as an additional misdemeanor offense.

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Consequences - Failure to Pay Your Fine

If you have failed to pay your fine, you may be subject to harsh penalties. In addition the ones noted above, you may also be facing driver's license suspension or DMV "holds," as well as Los Angeles Superior Court Collections action by GC Services.

If you have failed to pay your fine, now is the time to speak to resolve this situation. You need to be aware of your legal options and rights. Mr. Caplan you may be able to minimize further negative consequences against you.

Los Angeles Attorney Gregory Caplan

Gregory Caplan has helped many Los Angeles clients who have failed to pay their fines at court. He understands effective approaches which may be able to solve your case promptly, and help you get back in the right direction.

If you have failed to pay your court fines, there is help available. Call Gregory Caplan, today, to see how he can help you, at 213-400-5355!

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